Events Planning Team Update: A look back and a look forward

By Mary Gu, SLA First Five Years

The first SLA FFY event for 2015 was the webcast “You never walk alone: Tips & advice for building teams for FFY-ers” back in April. Our moderator was Angela Kent and our panelists were Deb Hunt, Tom Rink, and Clara Cabrera. We’re so glad that many of you chose to join us!

Some great quotes from our panelists

Deb Hunt

“[I’m] not just looking for skills that people have for potential members on a team, but attitude.”

“I’ve really learned that it’s impossible to make everyone happy. Being on a team, a lot of the time, has to do with compromise. It’s really important to let everyone know that he or she is heard.”

“It all comes back to that thing when somebody’s feeling like they don’t want to be part of the team because they’re being marginalized or maybe feeling threatened is letting them know they are part of the team; that’s important.”

Tom Rink

“In the library world and in SLA, being an active volunteer I’ve been serving on committees and taskforces most of my library career. By being able to observe how others run a team certainly helps you get a feel for which ones work and which ones don’t work.”

“Communication skills are key [in team members]. There also has to be some form of having proven [ability] in the past by serving on a committee, some form of leadership ability.”

“The best thing to do is to get to know people. Even small talk, just take an interest, be polite, don’t go in with a closed mind…”

Clara Cabrera

“Understanding not just the individual, on a personal level – which may play a part – but understanding their skill set…[and] understanding the time constraints that every individual has on their plates.”

“An important skill that you can rely on and one that you can always fine tune is how to prepare so that you can come prepared to each challenge and that the people you work with feel that you are able to handle whatever the situation is as a lead.”

“[When] working with an individual [there’s] whatever different cultural differences they may bring to the table, but also the cultural differences of the culture of the work environment so whether it’s a government, academic, or different types of corporate environments.”

The webcast went by fast, so I wanted to highlight one particular question and the answers we received from our panelists since they mentioned several products that people may be interested in researching.

Question Highlight: What resources did you reply on to improve your team management skills?

We hope that you found the webcast enjoyable and useful. You can find the recording of the webcast for download here.

Looking forward

It’s a busy, busy time of year for many of us and the SLA Annual Conference is coming up fast (June 14-16). For those who are attending this year’s conference in Boston, come meet your fellow FFY-ers on Monday June 15 at M.J. O’Connors.

If you can’t make the happy hour, but still want to get involved with your fellow new professionals? Take notes at all those great conference panels and submit a piece to the SLA FFY Blog; there’s a lot to see and do, so you could be doing the community a great boon by contributing a summary or review of your experiences. You can access the submission form directly here.

The next webcast that the SLA FFY Events Team is planning will be on the topic of workplace cultures to occur in July. More information is forthcoming!

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