Write for our Blog: How to Share Your Great Thoughts and Ideas with the FFY Community

SLA’s First Five Years Advisory Council is currently seeking blog submissions. If you have ideas or would like to share your experience as a new professional or for new professionals, please complete our submission form. 20130607_WritingforTheProfession

We’re interested in posting stories about leadership (from any position), career transitions into the field of librarianship, and management for new managers, among many other topics relevant to young and new library and information science professionals.

Submissions should be 250-500 words in length and can be presented in a number of formats, including essays, interviews, roundups, reviews, or tutorials and tips.

Have your say and share your thoughts, ideas, questions, and experiences with First Five Years members. And If there’s a topic or issue you’d like to see on our blog, you can use the same form to submit your suggestions.

The First Five Years Advisory Council provides support for new information professionals through their social media endeavors and via special events by developing learning and networking opportunities to attract and retain new information professionals. FFY is also charged with interfacing with SLA’s units and other advisory councils and committees to consolidate information, mentoring opportunities, and educational opportunities for new information professionals.

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