Mentorship Programs Through SLA Chapters and Divisions

By Neyda Gilman, SLA First Five Years

Mentoring can be an extremely beneficial process for many in the early part of their career, and the library/information career is no exception to this.

iStock_000008263589MediumThe First Five Years Advisory Council aims to provide beneficial information and some guidance for early career information professionals. While we ourselves can not provide a mentorship program, we have done our research and want to share mentoring opportunities available throughout SLA.

Many SLA Divisions offer mentorships to their members. Does your division?

If your division doesn’t have a mentoring program or committee, don’t despair yet! Many SLA Chapters also provide mentoring help.

If you are beyond the early part of your career, consider being a mentor!

Did we miss something? Is something in this list incorrect? Please contact us and let us know.

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